Network speeds comparison

Getting Started Aug 24, 2019

I was having a conversation with a friend this weekend and realized some people treat T1 and T3 like the epitome of greatness, in 2019. I figured I'd draw up a quick table and compare some older technologies with more modern ones.

Connection Theoretical Maxium Throughput
ISDN 128 Kb/s
T1 1.544 Mb/s
T2 6.312 Mb/s
T3 44.736 Mb/s
10BaseT 10 Mb/s
100BaseT 100 Mb/s
1000BaseT 1 Gb/s
10GBaseT 10 Gb/s
400GBASE-ZR 400 Gb/s


Ryan Buzzell

Computer Systems Engineer @ Eastman School of Music | Find me on the macadmins slack @rbuzzell

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