Fixing my web stack

Mar 20, 2018

So I finally got around to fixing/updating the ansible playbook that deploys my web containers. I added the restart_policy: always to it so I no longer have to manually restart it when the host reboots. I also fixed the link in the ghost container that sets the return home link. This is case-sensitive as url. I had it as URL, since just about every environment variable I've ever seen is always all caps. Whoops.

I also added the v2tec\watchtower container to the playbook. This should automatically update and redeploy the entire stack as the container images update.

My next steps are to migrate from raw docker to Kubernetes, and to migrate more resource intensive services into a DMZ in my homelab.

Ryan Buzzell

Systems Administrator @ General Code | Find me on the macadmins slack @rbuzzell

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